Tutorial: Layout Tab

To open Layout Tab, login to WP admin panel (yourwebsite.com/wp-admin), then Appearance -> Theme Options -> Layout.

Settings found under this tab control basic theme appearance. Things such as brand logo, theme color, header image and footer text can be modified without hassle here, and also don’t forget our specially designed home page, it is activated here.


  1. Home Page Layout – Switch within Cocoon Clear Special Design Home Page and Normal WordPress style home page.
  2. Enable Pages Sidebar – Enable/Disable sidebar in all “Pages” type page
  3. Logo – Main navigation bar logo file, if this field is empty, theme will display Site Title (Admin Panel -> Settings) instead of leaving empty space.
  4. Blog Header Image – Home page header banner, available only when Home Page Layout is set  to “Blog”, image will be replaced by a same size box in grey if this field is left blank.
  5. Content Page Header Image – Header Image of Posts and Pages. This field can be blank.
  6. Theme Color – Preset Theme Colors
  7. Footer Text – Set footer text, people would usually put website copyright info. This field can be blank.

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