Tutorial: How to upload/select picture

Uploading/selecting picture is easy, follow below steps and you shall get the right picture to the right place in a few seconds.

Click “Upload Image” button to call Image Chooser popup, there are 3 tabs and each of them serve you differently.



  1. From Computer – Upload image from local
    1. Click “From Computer” tab and you can see a box with dashed border
    2. Drag a image file from local and drag it to the box OR click “Select FIles” button, pick the image you want to upload, click “Open”  to trigger upload process.
    3. After upload complete, click newly appear “Insert into Post” button to choose the image.
    4. Done.
  2. From URL – Key in image URL
    1. If the image is not stored in your server and you have the image URL, click the “From URL” tab.
    2. Paste the image URL to “URL” field.
    3. Click “Insert into Post” button.
    4. Done. Make sure the external image does not have hotlink protection else you might probably get a broken image.
  3. Media Library – Pick an existing image from server
    1. Click the “Media Library” tab
    2. FInd the image you want and click “Show”
    3. Click “Insert into Post” button.
    4. Done

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