Tutorial: Carousel Tab

To open Carousel Tab, login to WP admin panel (yourwebsite.com/wp-admin), then Appearance -> Theme Options -> Carousel.

Carousel tab controls every editable elements of carousel and its slide but first of all, site owners have to switch “Home Page Layout” setting to “Cocoon Clear” (Appearance -> Theme Options -> Layout) as Carousel only available in Cocoon Clear special design home page.

TIPS: if you prefer a static banner over the Carousel, just disable any 2 of the 3 slides by switching their “Enable Slide #” to “No”.


  1. Enable Slide # – Enable/Disable particular slide, which “#” indicates number of the slides. Please note that we do not stop you from disabling all 3 slides but doing this means no Carousel in home page.
  2. Header – Slide header, it can be empty
  3. Caption – Slide caption, it can be empty
  4. Slide Image – Slide background image, can be empty
  5. Background Color – Slide slot background color, available when Slide Image is left blank.
  6. Text Color – Header and caption text color
  7. Link – When slide get clicked, visitors will be re-directed to designated web page. Leaving this field empty means nothing will happen when visitor click on the slide
  8. Open Link In – Open above link in Same tab or New tab.

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